Staff Call In

ideasWe know how important it is to stay focused on the right path. Distractions are notorious for sending executives and management teams down an unwanted and often disruptive path.

Your managers are immediately distracted when employees call to report that they are either going to be late or that they will not be coming to work.  These calls are often loaded with excessive chatter, story-telling, whining and morale killing drama. They break concentration and intrude on executive time and work effort.

The Staff Call In System eliminates distractions by replacing those annoying time wasting calls with an organized and effective notification and reporting process. No more scribbling on notepads and chasing down shift managers or line supervisors.  No more employees claiming that they tried to call but could not reach anybody. Instead, your business benefits from a reliable cloud based application that operates independent of your phone system and is always on 24/7.

Our headquarters are based in Dallas Texas. Our founder has 40 years of experience working in technology and media based sectors. We're innovators, entrepreneurs and most important, we're mindful that running a company smoothly is essential to increasing business value and wealth.

Our technical facilities are managed through data centers in Dallas and Chicago. These data centers are SAS-70 security compliant with redundant power and multiple tier-1 telecom companies providing reliable and redundant 24/7 access to the internet.
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We're always working to improve our service and to add new useful features.  We welcome comments, suggestions and your ideas.

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